Lexington Neighborhoods

Lexington Neighborhoods

To get a free copy of my “Lexington neighborhood” map, Click: “Lexington Neighborhood Map

Not only do single family home prices vary tremendously – from the $549,000 cottage right off of Lexington Center, to the $4,400,000 luxurious new construction home located in a premium neighborhood – but home styles vary just as much.

One of the draws to Lexington is its great variety of housing stock: from the early 1800’s farmhouses along Massachusetts Avenue to the brick Georgian Mansions and Deck Homes of “Pheasant Brook Estates.”  Other styles throughout town include: Capes, Bungalows, Ranches, Colonials, Contemporary & Split-Entry Homes.  There are Shingle-style & Georgian Mansions, Multi-families, antique Victorian, Colonial & Greek Revival homes and much more. Not to mention the great variety of condominium communities – new and old – throughout the community.

Lexington is less driven by developments than some other suburban towns.  While some neighborhoods were developed in the 1880’s, 1960’s, and 1980’s, for example, there are many wonderful parts of town that have no label. We simply don’t have the Southern California-style predictable neighborhoods that fit certain styles and prices without exception. Styles and price tags vary a lot but coexist comfortably, in line with Lexington’s charming, low-key, and  eclectic nature. Here are some of the neighborhoods, subjectively described!

Most Expensive

(average prices $1,050,000 and up)

    • Meriam Hill
      • “Old Money” part of Lexington; Older Victorians/Colonial Revivals, some large new homes; walk-to-the-center. The oldest Lexington “Hill.” Walk to Fiske Elementary.
    • Pheasant Brook Estates
      • Large expensive homes developed mostly in the ’80s and ’90s along with Deck homes. Teardowns here sell for up to $1mm to make way for new  $4mm+ estate-homes.  Near Harrington Elementary.
    • Munroe Hill
      • Second older established “Hill” Near Lexington Center; Large Colonial Revivals.
    • Saddleclub Estates
      • Near Lexington Center off of Grant Street;  large homes built in the 80’s and 90’s, Colonials, Multi-levels and newer custom homes.  Walk to Fiske Elementary.

Moderately Expensive

(average prices $1,887,000 although many newer homes priced over to $3.0mm)

    • Follen Hill
      • Towards East Lexington; the Third, older established “Hill” with many handsome, period Colonials and Capes; medium-large lots. Walk to Bowman Elementary.
    • Burnham Farms
      • Large, level lots, many of which have been “teardowns.”
    • Countryside
      • Near the Winchester/Woburn line.  Multilevels on large, level lots; some new large Colonials.
    • Robinson Hill
      • Near Lexington center, older Colonials on smaller lots.
    • Prospect Hill
      • Near Lexington center, fairly small lots with charming, older Colonials. Walk to Bridge Elementary.
    • Five Fields
      • Neighborhood of Contemporaries – several new or updated – near the Belmont/Waltham line.  Neighborhood swimming pool.

Least Expensive

(Average prices $450K-$900K; Large updated or newer homes up to $2mm)

    • Woodhaven
      • Many charming Capes built in the ’50s; popular teardown area in recent years because lots are level, 1/3-1/2-acre and offer easy access to Route 2.
    • The Manor
      • Capes and Colonials on 1/4-1/3-acre plots; easy access to Route 128, the T and the Minute Man Bike Path.  Some large, period or new homes sell up to $1.5mm.
    • Sun Valley
      • Large 3/4-acre lots on Winchester line; splits and multi’s, some teardowns; neighborhood swimming pool & tennis court
    • Turning Mill
      • Contemporaries near Bedford line; 3/4 acre lots; neighborhood pool
    • Liberty Heights
      • Smaller lots on the Arlington line; many small Colonials and Capes from the ’20s-’60s; walk to buses, shops, Wilson Farms & parks
    • Moon Hill
      • Contemporaries – including the “Big Dig House” near Route 2/Arlington line; walk to Wilson Farms and Bowman Elementary
    • Peacock Farm
      • 1950’s contemporaries – several significantly updated – with popular neighborhood swimming pool near Wilson Farms

All of these neighborhoods are outlined in my colorful “Lexington Neighborhood Map.” The link is at the top of this page; click on that link to get the map.
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